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RF / Rad


2006 Sedecal Compact ESM Radiographic Room

  • Elevating table with 4-way float
  • Floor mounted tube stand

Compact EMS generator:

  • Single cabinet with power module, high voltage transformer and energy storage module (with batteries)
  • Standard electrical outlet operation
  • Battery storage capacity of 67,500mAs @100kV
  • 500mA @ 125kVp


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2001 GE Proteus XR/A Radiographic System

  • Table: elevating 4-way float table front and rear positioning pedal controls with safety lock anti-collision sensor with alarm console
  • LCD color high resolution touch screen auto collimators
  • Inboard bridge with proteus ots (overhead tube support)
  • Wall stand: proteus wall stand with aec (auto exposure control) multi-size cassettes
  • Generator: jedi software 5.58 three phase high frequency generator 65kw Available July 2012
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